Excel Poultry Systems Marinade Mixing and Delivery Systems are the “ Rolls Royce” option when considering large scale mixing, delivery and storage of marinades used in conjunction with standard Injecting Equipment.

Our Mixing Station comprises of two mixing tanks connected via a “double piped” system to any number of refrigerated holding and delivery tanks located next to the Injector.

A fully automated system which allows mixing of multiple marinade flavours at the same time. The system is “double piped “ to allow flushing of delivery pipework while the next mix is being prepared. This allows the processor to run out a particular line flavour only requiring a local tank flush for a flavour change.

 Line stoppage time for this process is a quarter of our competitor’s system requirement … TIME IS MONEY.

 QA staff can rest easy as our local injector marinade tanks along with our dual tank mixing station is fully refrigerated. Often processors have difficulty with non-refrigerated Marinades creating both shelf life and product contamination issues. Not so with this superior, locally designed & manufactured system.    COLD MARINADE = SAFE PRODUCT.