Excel pioneered the new technology Immersion Chilling process in Australia.
We successfully sold, supplied and installed the very first Red Water Recirculation System and associated Chilling Augers ever in Australia - inclusive of the ancillary Refrigeration Plant.
This was in 2008 and was the beginning of a stellar partnership between Excel Poultry Systems and Morris & Associates in the United States…

… a partnership which has moved from strength to strength - we currently have in excess of six Morris Immersion Chilling systems installed in our region, servicing plants that are producing over 1 Million birds per week.

Our Morris systems are far superior to any of our competitors’ equipment - with robust construction from high grade stainless steel, heavier gauge drive shafts, fewer moving parts and guaranteed bird ‘deep muscle temperature control’ using Rechillers with the highest water flow available in the industry today.

Combine this with our Patented JetBird® Temperature Stabilization System and Pathogen Control Systems and you have the ultimate setup for large scale Poultry Production.

With Excel Poultry Systems supply & installation of the associated Refrigeration Plant,
our clients can be assured of the highest available operational efficiency.

A complete turnkey package, where we take all of the responsibility and the client reaps all of the benefits.