PAA or Peroxyacetic Acid is an Organic Biocide and a safer alternative to the use of Chlorine as a food contact Pathogen Eliminator.

Excel Poultry Systems again pioneered this industry in Australia. We were the first ever Australian Company to design, build, supply and install a PAA Dosing and Delivery system into a large scale Poultry Production Plant.

Our PAADS machine won out over several large international companies’ equipment and we went beyond to now have 9 systems installed across the two biggest poultry producers in Australia.

Why did we win these contracts?
We have a superior, user friendly and robust setup in our PAADS PAA Dosing and Delivery System. Our equipment is built in-house and is currently the only PAA Dosing and Delivery setup available which conforms to the stringent Class 5.2F Chemical Standard.

Excel Poultry Systems KNOWS the water reticulation systems within a poultry production plant, it’s our core business. We know the best, most effective and efficient method of PAA dosing intervention to get the very best result for our clients.

With access to a range of additional high concentration / low time product dipping equipment in the form of our Morris COPE ( Continuous Online Pathogen Eliminators ), we have PAA chemical intervention for poultry processes fully covered.